The Alternative A-to-Z of Sex: Gratification

It seems that the world is obsessed with instant gratification these days. We want it all, and we want it now. Give us those orgasms and don’t take too long about it, goddamit! Deliver that newly purchased sex toy immediately or I shall take my business elesewhere next time! We’ve all become petulant and demanding. But what about deferred gratification? The ability to patiently wait for or work towards something you want is often considered to be a virtue, but this is rarely thought about when it comes to sex. The joy of anticipation as you wait to spend time with a lover can deliver a great deal of pleasure when you realise that the waiting itself actually adds something wonderful to the experience. A long-awaited dirty weekend can be even more delightful than a quickie, seeing a lover wearing something sexy that you spent a long time choosing for them can be amazing, and saving money for something expensive to enhance your sex life can bring more than simply a smile. Whether it’s a gorgeous toy from Lelo, an accessory or two from Coco de Mer, or a beautiful handmade book of erotica produced by author Scarlett French, a thing of beauty is most definitely a joy forever. So, take your time and savour. Some things really are worth the wait.

Image via Horia Varlan‘s Flickr photostream.

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