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Much as I love blogs where glamorous folk post photographs of what they’re wearing, most of the time I lose interest after a while because they are more about following fashion than simply wearing clothes. Every day seems to be like something out of the pages of a style magazine for these people and it can all get a bit ‘samey’. Then the intriguing Poppy Dinsey, of @PoppyD Twitter fame, made a new year’s resolution in 2010 that caused a bit of a stir. A simple vow to wear something different every day and upload photos to a blog turned into something rather unusual… a real fashion blog about actual clothes rather than just trends. As Poppy wasn’t a “fashion blogger” as such, she had no qualms about uploading occasional photos of her wearing baggy t-shirts, gym clothes, pyjamas or a kigu* which meant that site caught on in a way that many fashion blogs don’t. The key things were that a) it was a lot of fun, and b) we all got to have our own little window into Poppy’s life.

Being the smart lady that she is, Poppy soon realised that there was more that could be done with the concept. Everyone who visited What I Wore Today was loving the idea of looking at a stranger’s daily outfit choices, plus most of them would have found the site via some sort of social network so… why not combine the two? If people could join the site to upload their own outfits, befriend other users, comment on favourite outfits and even tag items with links to where they bought them, how awesome would that be? Well, she’s only gone and done it! The new WIWT is in beta right now, so you can sign up to get an account and start sharing your outfits with the rest of the world. Whether you like fashion, clothes or simply a nice bit of people-watching, WIWT is really rather fun. And it’s not just for girls either.

*The photo accompanying this post is of me wearing own kigu.

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