The Alternative A-to-Z of Sex: First

In sex, there’s always a first. What people think of most often when you say ‘first’ is the person you lost your virginity to, but there are many more firsts than that. From the first time you tried something out on yourself to the first time you tried it with a partner, our sexual lives are filled with times where the excitement levels far exceeded the available skills. A first time can be fun or fraught with problems. Sometimes you remember it clearly, other firsts are quickly forgotten.

Of course there’s also the issue of who comes first. Whether it’s teenagers in a race to the finish, long-term lovers carefully co-ordinating their climaxes, or a dominant telling their submissive the rules, who comes first is often considered and rarely completely ignored. And… who makes the first move? Well, it can colour your entire relationship from that moment on. Who says being first doesn’t matter?

Image via sebastien.barre‘s Flickr photostream.

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