The Alternative A-to-Z of Sex: Electricity

You may experience a ‘spark’ when you meet someone new – a feeling like electricity coursing through your veins whenever you touch or kiss – but that’s not the only thing I’m thinking about here. As well as the rush that you feel with a new lover, electricity can also feature in exciting new situations with an existing lover or… even when you’re alone. Whether it is the batteries in your vibrator, or the mains-powered oomph of a Hitachi, this type of energy can be a very important part of solo sex. If you’ve ever experienced the feeling of frustration from your toy losing power at entirely the wrong moment, then you will know only too well just how important electricity can be! No one should be afraid to add a toy into their life. Everyone reacts differently to sexual stimulation, but there are so many different types available that there may well be something that pushes all the right buttons. Even if you’re more of the “been there, done that, have a massive drawer of souvenirs” kind of person, there may still be things you haven’t yet tried. Instead of a buzz… try a spark. Those who have already experienced the beautiful and stimulating violet wand would probably agree that its use of electricity against naked skin can be extremely rewarding. Shocked? You will be.

Image via Jomme V‘s Flickr photostream.

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