The Alternative A-to-Z of Sex: Aural

What we hear is rarely thought about when it comes to sex. Understandably, the biggest emphasis is placed on what we feel – both physically and emotionally – but sight, taste and even smell often rate more highly than sound in discussions of a carnal nature. However, there are many ways in which aural sex should be more highly rated than it is. First of all, talking dirty. Even Kate Winslet has offered tips on this, so you really have no excuse for not trying it at least once. I agree it’s not for everyone, but you don’t know unless you try, right? Also, phone sex becomes a lot more tricky without it and that was going to be my second suggestion. I don’t mean that you should call one of those numbers you find in telephone boxes, more that you should try phoning your lover when you’re apart and see how hot you can make each other using only your voice. It may all sound a bit too 20th century, but adding a visual aspect through iChat involves a lot more effort!

Erotica can be a fantastic way to get yourself in the mood too, especially if you get it in splendidly saucy and hands-free audiobook form. However, make sure you get to listen to a snippet before parting with any cash, as the sexiness of the voice in question really does matter. Who wants to listen to filthy tales of naughtiness as read by Mr Bean? It’s not just voices that can be considered aural sex either. Anticipation of the main event can be enhanced by using a blindfold, but not just so that you can’t see him/her approaching with that ice cube. Blindfold your partner and let them hear just enough to get them begging to join in. I’m sure you’re creative enough to come up with something rather tempting.

As Tuesday is the day that Millicent Binks treats us to another reason why we should all love her life in her Evening Standard ‘sex column’, I thought I would use this particular day of the week to begin my Alternative A-to-Z of Sex. The plan is to write a blog post on something that’s not the obvious choice and always safe for work. Can I manage a post for every single letter of the alphabet?

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  1. I love this idea, and am looking forward to seeing what you coume up with for each letter.

    I think maybe I 'specially love it because I'm a big fan of sound as a constituent of sex. Not specifically any of the things you've mentioned like talking dirty or phone sex, just… sound.

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