Come and Talk To Me

In a world of shortened forms of communication, is the art of conversation dead? There are certain times when 140 characters or less really won’t do, and charming the pants off someone certainly falls into that category. However, when you spend your days firing off short witticisms on Twitter, crafting a tantalising in-depth message to a potential hottie on OK Cupid at night can seem like a rather daunting task. From what I can gather after talking to my friends about this, it does seem to be men that have a problem with this more than women too. So… are there any chaps out there these days who are blessed with a silver tongue? If you think that’s you, here’s your chance to prove it! Inspired by an event in Toronto where men competed to seduce the city’s finest female bloggers via the spoken word alone, an event called Come and Talk to Me has now arrived in London. Presented by Sh! Women’s Emporium in conjunction with

“This event aims to settle the debate about whether or not modern men can actually hold a decent conversation. Has sexting replaced dirty talk? Has an hour-long G-Chat session replaced the ‘until the sun rose’ marathon phone calls of the past? Come and Talk to Me is our effort to find the man who understands that great wordplay can be the most electrifying foreplay; that to unlock her legs, he must first unlock her mind. More than a few good Canadian men rose to the challenge – will you?”

If you fancy taking part, you can talk about anything you like. Read a passage from a book, tell the judges about your day at work, engage a lady in the audience in some sexy small talk… anything goes. The judges and women in the audience want to be assured that the art of conversation is not entirely lost. Judges will provide feedback and the audience will cast votes, with the night ending with one man being named London’s most ‘cunning linguist’. How can you resist that title? There are only about eight spots available to compete, so get in there quick! If you want to register to take part, send an email with your name, contact information and proposed topic to before 8th August.

If you want to go along to Come and Talk to Me, it’s on Thursday 11th August 2011 at Sh! Portobello Road, 7.30-9.30pm and tickets are £3.

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