Get Stitched! Vintage-inspired jewellery

There are few things I like more than buttons. In fact, buttons are on my list of things that make me smile, so being able to add more buttons to my outfit by way of jewellery is something I’m always keen on doing. However, bright-coloured plastic button earrings don’t always go with everything, so I began the search for silver jewellery that ties in perfectly with my look. Thankfully Sarah Hallowes, a jewellery designer who produces hand-made vintage-style silver jewellery inspired by buttons and textiles, has jumped in to fill this particular gap beautifully. One look at the gallery on her website delivers an eyeful of cute enamelled button jewellery!

Based in London but originally from Dorset, Sarah visits the countryside whenever she can to draw inspiration from her surroundings, as well as from vintage textiles, children’s books and long-forgotten items in second hand shops. Her work includes handmade buttons and stitching, with some pieces made by imprinting designs from vintage fabric and lace to give a unique texture to each item. This ensures that each pretty piece of jewellery that Sarah creates is not only beautiful and special, but also unique. You can buy Sarah’s jewellery on Folksy and Etsy, plus she will be exhibiting at Craft Central Gets Hitched in central London on 23rd-25th June 2011. Continuing the wedding theme, she is also teaching a garter making workshop at Craft Central on 28th June. I wonder if I could decorate one with buttons?

Images via Sarah Hallowes.

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