John Snow Pub: Update

As regular readers of my blog will already know, last month a gay kiss resulted in the landlord of John Snow pub in Soho asking a couple to leave. A couple of kiss-in protests were organised but, despite this, both the pub and the brewery remained remarkably silent on the matter. Since then, an open letter demanding that the John Snow management and/or the Samuel Smith Brewery issue a statement has gathered 1087 signatures of support on a petition website. The letter asked for clarification as to why Jonathan Williams and James Bull were asked to leave the John Snow public house on 13th April 2011 (with reference to compliance with and commitment to the Equality Act of 2010), plus it also requested an official apology to Williams and Bull. This letter was symbolically delivered to the pub yesterday – International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia – where an unknown member of staff received the petition and agreed to meet this morning. Word from that meeting is that no official comment can be made until a police investigation has been completed. Watch this space…

Image via Pink Sauce.

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