Time to heal

You know I said last week that things weren’t bad? Well, that all changed. I’ve entered a new week with a bit of confusion, a lot of hurt feelings and fewer relationships. After all that talk about how it’s possible to get through the tough times, I realised that sometimes it just isn’t going to work out… and that’s fine too. (Well, it will be fine, once I pick myself up and manage to work through all the hurt that I’m currently feeling.)

It became clear that someone who wants carefree relationships cannot really deal with the emotions of another who needs a fair bit of support and reassurance, so we decided that it was best to end things. However, we still love each other, so this is going to be hard for both of us. I desperately want to remain friends but, right now, I just need time to heal my broken heart and get to know myself and my emotional responses a little better. This would be a good week to re-read my copy of Opening Up, I suspect.

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  1. Thanks. I'm feeling much better this week and am now more positive for the future. This is mostly thanks to my lovely friends and all the great people I know on the internet. It's fantastic to have so much support at times like this.

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