No flag, no country!

I know many people hated the Royal Wedding with a passion and, despite being quite keen on seeing the new Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress, I wasn’t really terribly fussed about the whole thing myself. However, there was one aspect that did unexpectedly delight me, and that was the flags. Strip the union flag of any sinister connotations and it’s actually quite a striking design, so decorating anything with that bold geometric splash of red, white and blue is bound to cheer the place up. Regent street being a prime example. Usually flags and bunting are only seen around the time of football competitions, but why stop there? Why leave our national flag in the hands of the BNP and the sort of men who think that drunkenly yelling “faaackin’ Millwall!” in people’s faces is a way of life?

Even if you don’t care about the Royal Family, I just don’t get why our country’s flag can’t be used as decoration without people getting all funny about it. Seeing bunting in First Out Cafe last week made me think of happy times in country villages with cake sales and other soothing Bank Holiday activities. OK, so perhaps I’m living in a dream world, but I do believe that anything which can bring an unexpected smile to my face can’t be all bad. Why can we only have decorations at Christmas, why can’t they be flags, and why can’t people just lighten up? It’s just a piece of coloured fabric, after all.

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  1. I agree, I wasn't interested in the wedding at all but I loved seeing all the decorations. It seems like people have more of a problem with the St George Cross than the Union flag though. I'll be safe and fly the St Andrew's Cross 😉

  2. I agree. But I think the Union Flag (Jack? Which is right?) has been kind of superceded in the racist thugs arena by the St George Cross these days.

  3. Union Jack only when on a ship (so my Grandad always corrects me)

    I have a HUGE issue with the lack of national pride when it comes to our flag. The Union and the St Georges. I also have a problem with the severe lack of celebration when it comes to St Georges day. You would not see the Irish, Welsh or Scotish being remotely humble. And rightly so.

    I am ranting. I loved seeing all the flags out. Made me smile and think “YES! I am Britsh/English – and that is my flag! Woo hoo!”

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