Kiss-in Protest Against Homophobia

Strange things often happen in Soho but, as it’s London’s most open-minded and gay-friendly district, you would think that being asked to leave a pub for kissing your date wouldn’t be one of them. Many people aren’t keen on public displays of affection, but pubs like making money and… well, anything goes in Soho, right? That’s why it was rather peculiar that a story entitled Gay couple ‘kicked out of Soho pub for kissing’ appeared over on So So Gay this morning:

“Two men say they were asked to leave a pub in Soho on Wednesday night for kissing while on a date. Despite protestations from other patrons at the John Snow pub, which is owned by the Samuel Smith brewery, the couple say they were manhandled and forcibly removed from the premises.”

By lunch time, outraged friends of mine had already started planning a ‘kiss-in’ protest at The John Snow pub on Broadwick Street, and it now has its own Facebook event with all the details. If you’re interested, in London and available on the evening of Thursday 21st April between 5 and 8pm, do join the protest and spread the word. All kissers welcome!

Image via William Hamon‘s Flickr photostream.

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  1. I'm not sure what's happened to the Facebook event page, but the event itself is still happening. Friday's “gay kiss-in” was organised by someone else (after my friends had started planning theirs), but the guy running it didn't respond to any queries on whether bisexual/queer/straight people could join in so that is mainly who Thursday's event is aimed at. Also… check out

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