Six years red

In the springtime of 2005, a blonde girl called Lori decided it was finally time for the red hair she’d always dreamed of. After the disappointment of previous attempts using natural looking shades, she planned to attack her locks using a vibrant shade of L’Oreal Feria and vowed to use Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day as a cover story if it all went wrong. The night before, she covered the kitchen in a plastic dust sheet – being used to blonde hair dye, she figured more space and stain prevention was perhaps required this time – and set about transforming herself. Thankfully it all went well, and her team at work raised a fair amount for Comic Relief the following day with their newly redheaded team member standing out like a beacon in the office.

Six years on and I’m still red. The extremely vibrant shade I chose that time was extremely tricky to maintain, and so a portion of those years was spent trying many different dark reds – some of which looked disappointingly brown, looking back – until I found the Schwarzkopf Live XXL range I use today. It says Hypnotic Red on the box and it certainly seems to mesmerise people, so I can’t imagine being any other colour now. If you are also a fan of Red Lori, redheads in general or even if you dye your own hair red, why not donate a little bit of cash to the cause that spurred me on all those years ago? Every little bit helps and the money will go to many good causes in the UK and overseas.

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  1. My phone bill is going to be humungous next month as I have sent an awful lot of texts!

    We use the same shade of hairdye now I think. It's definitely an XXL one, but I can never remember the name of the shade until I'm stood in front of the shelf.

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