Return of the mac

A couple of years ago, I spotted a beautiful coat on the Dollydagger site. It was a gorgeous full skirted mac that was available in the sort of bright red that I love, however, it was a bit more expensive than I would have liked. I pondered splashing out and getting one, but my sensible side took over and so I decided to wait and see if it appeared in the sale. It never did and as soon as that coat disappeared from the site, I suddenly became desperate to own one. It was perfect. My current spring/autumn coat is a boxy red mac that my mum found in the Debenhams sale for a fiver and passed on to me, because my dad pointed out to her that she already had a red coat. It’s been very useful to own at certain times of year but it does look rather shabby so, with the Dollydagger coat out of reach, I began the hunt for a new mac all over again.

Much as I wanted a red one, the full-skirted style was the most important thing so, when I stumbled across this navy trench coat by Topshop, I once again began to ponder. It’s almost as expensive as the Dollydagger mac, but isn’t red… was it what I was after and, in addition, was it worth the money? I discussed my potential purchase on Facebook and the general consensus seemed to be that Topshop’s quality was good enough to justify the price. So, today I popped into the Oxford Circus shop, found a lovely member of staff to help me locate the coat – more difficult than you would think in a store of that size! – and spent at least five minutes in front of the mirror in the changing room trying to decide whether or not to buy it. My conclusion? Well, I just couldn’t let it get away from me like the first one.

Have you ever put off buying something for so long that it was no longer available? When you splash out on something, are you pleased with your purchase more often than you regret it? Come on people, I need to know that putting this amount of thought into buying one item isn’t unique to me!

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  1. I have been known to spend over half an hour in a changing room trying to decide whether to buy something. I am terribly indecisive. And many a time I have decided to think about an item only for it to sell out. I never learn.

  2. Great. Now I have “return of the mac (once again)… return of the mac …” in my head. *sigh* 🙂

    Yes!! I have done that more times than I care to admit to. The thrift in my usually wins out. Eventually. By that I mean – I buy stuff and take it back. It is a compulsion. I get the thrill of spendage and the second thrill of getting money back. But – there are those things that I just don't take back – and invariably don't wear!

  3. I usually put off buying things for so long that not only do they become unavailable, but I also decide I didn't want them after all.

    But then I complain that I have nothing to wear, so that's probably not a good thing.

    (I'm going to pick your brain for sartorial advice over dinner next week, be warned!)

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