Agent Provocateur: Back on track?

Last time I blogged about Agent Provocateur’s incredibly un-sexy choice of models, I assumed that Nicola Hunn, who replied to the complaint I sent in, was merely humoring me with a standard response. Well, I don’t know if she really was listening to me of if lots of other people shared their disappointment with the brand’s recent direction, but it seems as though they have finally realised they just weren’t sultry enough any more. Today I found out that the new face of Agent Provocateur for 2011 is French actress and singer Josephine de la Baume and, wow… what a choice! The Telegraph reckons she ‘sizzles’ in the photos and, corny though that word is, I really have to agree with them. Just look at the eye contact between her and the viewer! This is a woman who appears to be a sexual being rather than simply a clothes horse, which is exactly what you need when you’re selling sexy lingerie. Different brands have different appeal, but AP is all about sex and glamour. This isn’t everyday underwear, this is I-want-you underwear, so sticking it on a vacant disinterested looking catwalk model was never going to work. If they have the designs to back up this foxy new look, 2011 could be a really great year for Agent Provocateur.

Image by Johan Renck for Agent Provocateur.

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