Just to be clear: I HATE Uggs

There are three types of footwear that I hate with a passion. One is Crocs, which are so out of fashion right now that I think I no longer need to worry about them. The second is the scourge of the summer known as flip-flops. The third is the slouchy winter footwear from hell… Uggs. As summed up perfectly by Bangs and a Bun in an open letter to the wearers of these crimes of fashion, there really is no valid reason for wearing these shameful items outside of the house. They were designed for wearing indoors and that is where they should stay, as their soft absorbent nature does not make them supportive or weatherproof enough for outdoor winter use. Yet many women continue to wear them whilst going on and on about how comfortable they are. So are slippers, but you wouldn’t wear them outside the house would you?

Outdoor footwear should support your feet, making it easy to walk. In winter it should be sturdy, waterproof and, ideally, warm. Practical warm boots are everywhere this winter (see Bertie, Office, and Rocket Dog), so why pick something that is floppy, absorbs snow, harbours bacteria, and makes you look like you have cankles? There really is no need. Today I received an email asking me if I would like to offer my blog readers a discount on Ugg boots, which made me realise that I hadn’t actually made my stance on these awful slabs of sheepskin known to you all. I’d like to think that anyone looking for money off such things wouldn’t be here anyway.

Image via jrmyst‘s Flickr Photostream.

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  1. I *so* agree.

    My personal pet hate with Uggs is how people end up walking on the side of them, rather than the sole. They obviously slip so much, people can't even walk in them properly.

  2. You only end up walking on the sides of your uggs due to bad posture, or that weight you've been struggling with. They don't look the best but any good looking women can look damn good in some uggs. Its HOW you wear it.

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