Figgy pudding and cocktails

Most people I know fall into one of two camps when it comes to Christmas – the ‘meh’ camp is made up of people who don’t really care about anything other than the time off work it grants them, whereas the ‘squee’ camp get excited about any and all aspects of the holiday season. Usually I am a member of the former group, saving excitement only for festive foodstuffs prepared by other, more talented people, but every now and again something comes along to make me feel slightly more seasonal than usual. Last year, preparations for The Rebel Rebels‘ December show had me quite excited about Christmas far in advance of Doctor Who Day itself, with our office-Xmas-party-themed group act featuring large amounts of both tinsel and Wizzard. This year, I have to admit that the annual slightly overly sentimental John Lewis Christmas advert has actually got me a teeny bit excited about getting our Nightmare Before Christmas Tree out again. Somehow they just manage to tap into that whole festive nostalgia thing and make me go “aww” when I should be saying “bah humbug”.

However, I am tempted to combine the two – burlesque and festive nostalgia, that is – by purchasing the apron in the photograph above to lounge around in on 25th December. As I am of no use to anyone on the actual cooking side of things, I suspect this apron would simply be used to keep me from getting Christmas dinner on my lingerie, a job for which it is perfectly suited as the AGA Cookshop website accurately describes it as “delightful and unashamedly feminine”. In fact, I may actually venture into the kitchen in this little number, if only to mix up some tasty Hendrick’s hot gin punch.

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