All the small things

Recently I’ve been getting angry about the slightest thing. When stress levels are high, I’m usually the person who is calming everyone down with a smile and kind words, but increasingly I’ve been realising that I’m ranting for no reason. Like a Daily Mail reader, or a BBC Have Your Say commenter, I’m finding annoyance in the tiniest thing and letting the unnecessary anger overwhelm me. Why is this happening? Why is someone who was once so calm and collected now practically yelling at her phone when she can’t find a widget to quickly put it in silent mode?

People on the street annoy me – from their dire taste in fashion to their dismal parenting skills -and I actually let it wind me up. Not just on paper, but in person too. Friends and family are bearing the brunt of my small-things-rage at the moment so, thankfully, I haven’t yet got myself into a massive argument with a stranger, but it can’t be long before that happens if I don’t put a stop to this now. Before I end up like Angry Dad, or start losing friends, I think it’s time for a cup of tea and a sit down. Aaaaand relaaaax.

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