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Clock… work?
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Recently I have been far busier than I thought I would be. On my return from holiday, I reckoned things would be calmer which would allow me to be slightly more productive than I have been of late. Sadly not. The few evenings at home that I have had are taken up with writing, laundry and far less relaxation than I would like, so I have had very little time to chat online to folks far-away or other essential internet-based stuff. Starting my new job this week has left very little time for Twitter, Facebook, email and blogging… making me realise just how much time I was spending on that in the office! However, until someone comes up with a way to create more hours in a day, I think I’m stuck with making some changes myself. So, this weekend I shall make time to better organise my life. Well, that’s the plan, anyway.

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