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babyToday I discovered that some companies think it’s OK to cynically pass judgement on other people in order to promote their products. I hadn’t heard of the Bounty parenting club before today, but now they will be forever linked in my mind with the claim that one in 10 UK women have ‘tricked’ a man into getting them pregnant. Seriously? They actually thought this was an acceptable and ethical survey to carry out? How does this benefit anyone whatsoever? As Dr Petra said on Twitter, “You have to question the ethics of using fears over paternity to promote their baby products”.

I never plan on having kids of my own so it’s not as if Bounty has lost itself a potential customer here but, if you’re thinking of starting a family soon, I urge you to avoid them at all costs. And also please talk to your partner first about the whole baby thing. Remember Lori’s top tip for lasting loving relationships: Communication.

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  1. What a disgusting article! I'm literally shaking with rage! I can't believe the semi-amused and shallow tone of the author. I have a close friend whos life was completely ruined by a girlfriend who decided to ignore his opinion about waiting to have a baby, later completely admitting to him and those he loved that she thought he'd 'change his mind' once she was pregnant. Obviouly I don't mean the baby ruined his life, but having such a vital and well life-altering decision taken maliciously out of his hands and losing the trust of the woman he loved did.

    It's just unbelievable that a credible baby website would tackle and almost condone such a subject in this way.

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  3. In the world that I inhabit, Bounty is a well-known offender in the unethical marketing arena. In fact, most organisations that exist to sell stuff to parents do so on the basis of generating anxiety through the medium of myth, so this strategy makes a refreshing change. Bastards, the lot of 'em.

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