Time for a break

Back in 2005, Topper and I went to Hong Kong for the first time. It was around the time of the Lunar New Year celebrations, so I got plenty of photos of the beautiful red decorations and we really enjoyed the wonderful fireworks display over the harbour. It was a lovely holiday in a really exciting part of the world and we’re lucky enough to be going back. This year’s return visit may not be at such a vibrant time of year, but there should be a few more attractions to check out that were closed last time we were there so there should still be plenty to do. Also, my photography skills have improved somewhat since then (as has the standard of my compact camera of choice), so my Flickr updates will hopefully be a bit more impressive.

I am hoping to be able to blog while I’m away but, just in case, I have lined up a few guest bloggers to write for Rarely Wears Lipstick and keep you entertained. Now… back to the packing.

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