Naughty Red Riding Hood

On Sunday I had the pleasure of taking part in a dark and twisted bedtime stories-themed photoshoot. I was Red Riding Hood and Topper was the Wolf – our friends Claire and Benjamin were Sleeping Beauty and the Prince. We’d all rehearsed performances for later that evening, but the shoot was to capture the essence of them. Prancing around in front of a camera? Oh, that’s not my kind of thing at all. OK, maybe a little bit.

The photographer was the rather talented Ben Hopper, hair and make-up was expertly handled by Peta Sheahan of Glamourpuss Hair and Beauty, and our gorgeous costumes were provided by Prangsta. I shall provide links to Ben’s images from the shoot as soon as I can but, in the meantime, this was my look for the afternoon… before I put on my red cape, of course.

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