Can I call you?

I can’t remember anyone asking for my phone number on the street, on a bus, or in a bar. Strangers hardly ever approach me with the purpose of telling me I’m hot but, even on the very rare occasions when they do, they never ask if they can call me. (They just stalk me for two blocks until I say that I’m definitely not interested in going for a drink right this second. OK, so that was one time.) Some women get stopped on the street all the time or have guys simply look at their photo before wanting to get in touch to plan a date. Am I less hot than these women, or do I just look far less approachable? Every now and again my self-confidence deserts me and these types of question pop into my head, but I have no idea why. Would I want to be constantly bothered by strangers? No. Do I have time to see anyone else at the moment? No. Is my track record of dating people I haven’t been friends with and/or chatted to on the internet first any good? No. So why on earth does it bother me that random guys in the street don’t ask for my phone number?

But you know what’s really odd about all this unnecessary worrying? I very rarely give out my phone number to people I have only just met as I have an aversion to making and receiving calls so, even if they were really hot, I’d say no anyway! I really have no idea how my brain works sometimes. Answers on a postcard please.

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  1. You know what's funny? I have an aversion to phones too, and voicemails fill me with dread. I have no idea why, but phone stuff makes me antsy and always has.

    Speaking as someone who often gets approached (read:harassed) in the street by incredibly lame guys, I think that you are incredibly lucky that, being as sexy and hot as you are, you don't get cat-called or disrespected in that way. (For the record, you do get stared at a lot when you're out. You are just a little oblivious to the admiration you're getting.)

    In my limited experience, the type of men who chase a girl for her phone number are NOT the sort you would ever want to pick up the phone for- aversion or not. I suspect those men see you and size you up as something they think they want. I once had a man follow me and stop me on the street to slowly look me up and down and say, “I like tall women. Can I get your number?” as though my meeting HIS criteria was reason enough for me to feel flattered and interested in him.

    I say stick to your very effective methods of finding hot people and don't be bothered by the unwanted attention you're not getting. 😉


  2. No one asks me for my number either! Not ever in my entire life.

    That's absolutely fine by me as I also share an aversion to the telephone, and also I don't really want strange men to ask for my telephone number because I wouldn't give it to them 😀

    I think you probably give off an aura of being independent and self assured and far too good for them, and therefore they don't ask (that's what I tell myself anyway!)

  3. I absolutely hate the phone, my voicemail messages actually tells people not to leave message as I won't listen to it.

    I don't get approached either and I don't really know anyone who does – most of the couples I know met on the internet!

  4. I was only ever asked for my number once in my almost 31 years, and I found it awkward and a bit creepy more than anything else! I don't think it is anything to miss at all, I'm not sure that this is how people actually meet anyway, is it?

  5. Oddly, being male and not handsome, I've never been asked for my number. But I do have a “business” card that lists it.

    But in this day and age, asking for ten random digits seems a bit off when it's far easier to ask for a domain name or email address. Or a brand, if you will – and your brand is memorable!

    and I hate talking to people on the phone too.

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