BitchBuzz birthday bash

I started writing for women’s lifestyle website BitchBuzz last December, after many months as an avid reader. It’s a pretty special website as it acknowledges that intelligent women have a wide variety of interests, from news and technology to style and relationships, but that we don’t want to be talked down to or taken advantage of. OK, so we might like articles that are short and snappy, but that doesn’t mean that everything needs to be dumbed down with more serious subjects avoided. Far from it! We want to hear about The Fawcett Society’s legal challend to the UK budget and what Lady Gaga got up to at the VMAs. Give us food and fashion, sex and sarcasm, celebrities and culture – just don’t ever tell us how we should be running our lives. Other than the fact we know she’s frequently online and can think for herself, there is no typical BitchBuzz woman.

On Friday night, I got to meet some BitchBuzz women in person as the site celebrated its 2nd birthday in style with a party in central London. Founder and Editor Cate Sevilla was there, looking fabulous as always, and joining her for celebratory cocktails were lots of BitchBuzz writers and fans. I chatted to contributors Hannah Mudge, Alison Duker, Charlotta Hedman, Laëtitia Wajnapel and Claire Tayler, plus I caught up with Sarah Barnes from Uplift Magazine (on the left in the photo with me and Rachael Gray) and Elizabeth Varley from TechHub. I also got to meet Worldeka’s Sophie Cox and the lovely Fleur de Guerre from Diary of a Vintage Girl. So many intelligent and inspirational women in one room! A great time was had by all and now I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of Iain‘s photos from the evening. I sincerely hope that BitchBuzz continues to grow and go from strength to strength… and I’d say that even if I didn’t write for them.

UPDATE: Iain’s photos from the evening can now be found on the BitchBuzz Flickr photostream.

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