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I’m rubbish with books. Well, fiction to be precise. I was a keen reader when I was a child, and a minor obsession with Anne Rice helped me to continue that into my teenage and university years, but more recently I just haven’t been able to find the time I need to really get into a book. Rather annoyingly, I need a couple of hours before a novel becomes un-put-down-able and so reading in smaller chunks has led to much difficulty in recent years. Even before I moved to London and had much less free time on my hands, I’d buy them and start them… and then never get around to finishing the damn things!

However, it seems that the one thing I can read easily these days is books that have sprung from blogs. The short sections and friendly writing style makes it easy to dip in and out on short train journeys and gets my attention far sooner than with a standard novel. I may feel like my brain is failing me and my currently inability to concentrate for very long is making me somehow more stupid, but I do enjoy reading books like this so perhaps it’ll help me get my reading back on track?

I recently finished Girl With a One Track Mind: Exposed and promptly wrote a review to be published on BitchBuzz this week. I was very pleased with it too, despite the ridiculous length of time it took me to write. Annoyingly, I’ve just read a much better review by Abby O’Reilly on The F Word and so now I think that perhaps my writing needs a bit of work too.

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  1. Maybe try short stories. Some are really really good :), like for example: Frederick Barthelme's “Moon Deluxe”. :*

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