Occasionally, waiting can work out for the best. Earlier this month I pondered buying a pretty hat with my store credit in Bang Bang, but went back to the shop a few hours later only to find out that it had been sold. I’ve returned on a few occasions since then, but had yet to see anything I thought worthy of my 23, until today.

I have a fairy tale themed party to go to on Saturday and decided that I probably ought to just spend my Bang Bang credit on the 80s Laura Ashley “princess dress” that I tried on a few months back (and which, unsurprisingly, has yet to sell). However, when I rummaged around the rails this time, I found a 1950s handmade dress in a cracking print for 20. It has been repaired on the bodice, but it’s not really noticeable so I consider this to be a bargain. Fits perfectly too!

Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m not still thinking about that hat though…

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  1. Very pretty (the dress is too 😉 ).

    I'm slowly getting into the 'thrift' thing (if that's what this actually is?) but definitely need to shed some weight. The styles and fashions were aimed at the 'thinner' gentleman back then!

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