Fashion fades, only style remains

I like Hadley Freeman. Her fashion advice column in The Guardian is a breath of fresh air with its lack of meaningless rules and the opinion that liking nice clothes doesn’t always have to make you look like a twat. Yesterday she reminded us that:

“Fashion is supposed to be about giving grown women self-confidence, pleasure and maybe even a strut in their stride. It is not supposed to make them want to resemble baby animals who can barely walk across the room. This seems to be an increasingly common misconception. While long legs are, granted, aesthetically pleasant, it does not follow that these legs need to be thin to the point of vulnerability. Similarly, I would contend that looking like you can barely walk because your skinny-winny legs can barely support ickle (a word that, when I am queen of the world, I shall ban) you is not quite as fabulous as certain fashion magazines, or at least certain fashion writers, seem to think.”

On behalf of everyone who does not see the appeal of Alexa Chung, I say hear hear! We can all be stylish without looking like skinny unimaginative copy cats. What we need is inspiration for creating our own style, rather than rules for conforming to someone else’s.

If you want to kick start your fashion creativity, why not visit The Uniform Project‘s website and see how varied Sheena was with her accessorising during her year of wearing the same dress. You can also, finally, buy your own Uniform Project LBD (or pattern) via the site. Fashionable, sustainable, organic and all while supporting a good cause. Brilliant!

Image via NBC New York’s Thread NY blog.

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  1. Ha! Fantastic!

    Not being of the long and delicate limbed variety myself I have never bothered to aspire to look that way. I think it looks good on Bambi and the Babycham deer. Not actual ladies.

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