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Yesterday’s blog post caused a small wave of muttering to pass across Twitter and Facebook. It turns out that many people do have things to finish that they need a bit of extra motivation for, however, not everyone was up for letting me blog about their efforts. Too scary for some, not enough definition to their projects yet for others.

However, I do have a small selection to share with you today. Check out what these lovely ladies are up to and feel free to offer advice or encouragement.

Rachael Graydesigning a range of exclusive footwear
After seeing Sam Roddick, creator of the amazing store Coco de Mer, speak on sexuality I somehow asked if I might design a range of shoes for Coco de Mer. Why? Because I felt ballsy at that moment, and I know I could do it. To my surprise she was interested and gave me the contact information of her head of design development.

I am currently trying to talk to every shoemaker I know to help me get the contacts I need to make this happen. I need to source some makers and materials, stat! At least I know I can aim high for quality when it comes to price point because CcdM is not a cheap store. I need to have a small line of designs with some projected costing ready to show her, and it needs to be soon.

Kate Borlandstudying for a BSc in Politics and International Relations
As far as August goes my personal deadline is to have all the basics completed for the unit “Modern Political Thinkers” Between August and May is exam questions, essays and other types of revision but the basic learning of the stuff, note taking, book reading I aim to have done by the end of August.

Tessa Frooshknitting a vintage-style cardigan
My big project at the moment is I am knitting myself a vintage style cardigan – it’s bright red and I love it already 🙂 This is the back – so I have a long way to go before I’m wearing it. The wool is a plain 5ply – the chunky look is the pattern! I knit all the time and I love it – so calming.

Beth Andersonsteampunk illustration
The only thing I’m failing on is an illustration for The Clockwork Quartet – really have to get some done on it!

Cat Feathersconquering zip & fit sewing nerves
I can sew and have made several wearable items, but I still feel inexperienced. I need to improve my cutting accuracy (Patience. I need to be *patient* when I’m cutting pattern pieces!) and when it comes to garments I’ve mostly worked with stretch fabrics. I need to stop quietly avoiding the world of zips, fitting tricks and woven fabrics, get over the ‘this really isn’t your forte’ message I imbibed during Textiles lessons at school (ta very much, Mrs E), and challenge myself to sew something a little more complex than an A-line skirt or stretchy maxi-dress. It must involve woven fabric, and it must involve the use of at least two techniques of which I need more experience. First off: pattern hunting!

The lovely Kate also offered up this useful bit of advice: “Inspiration is a tough lady to pin down. When I am feeling uninspired or unmotivated I usually do myself a manicure or something and spend time reassessing my goals and reminding myself why I am doing the project in the first place. It sounds silly but I try to imagine how happy I will feel when I have finished and hopefully achieved something and how feeling proud of oneself is a rare but fun feeling to have!” That is definitely worth remembering.

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