I love London

Four years ago, when we were preparing to move to London, I was utterly convinced that it would never feel like home. After almost a decade in Manchester (on and off), I thought that London was too big, too unfriendly and certainly too expensive for me. Friends told me I’d love it, but I insisted that I’d miss the warmth and charm of the north west far too much to settle. However, even though a little part of me will always remain inside the M60, less than a month after moving to the capital I was already loving it.

London is a melting pot of people from all over the country and all over the world. People have either come here in search of themselves, work or adventure, but the one thing we all have in common is that we want to be here. In other towns and cities, you can always find people who would love to leave, people who can’t wait to leave, and others who have just never thought about it. In London, everyone is there because they love it. We either moved here because it’s amazing, or have grown up here and have no real need to leave because… well, where would you go that’s as good?

If you like the quiet life of art galleries, free events, villages, epic views, beautiful parks and afternoon tea, London has it. But if you like the hustle/bustle of shopping, restaurants, clubbing and more gigs than you could possibly fit in to your social schedule, London has that too. It’s expensive, but you get paid more. It’s busy, but you can get home late at night. The UK’s capital may seem like a daunting place at first, but there really is something for everyone to love.

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