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In my opinion one of the best, yet often one of the most neglected parts of the info section on the Facebook profile page is the bit that asks for your favourite quotations. I have used this section to collect quotes from famous folk, friends, colleagues and acquaintances alike. If it intrigues, inspires or amuses me enough, it goes on the list. I’m not sure what this little collection says about me, but I thought I’d recreate it here for your entertainment.

“I hate housework. You make the beds, you wash the dishes and six months later you have to start all over again.” — Joan Rivers

“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” — George Orwell

“I’ve always said you have to be 51% your own greatest admirer and 49% your greatest critic.” — Rankin

“I think you’ll find it says on Wikipedia that Santa’s from Barnsley” — Chris Moyles

“Maybe you’ve put your faith in spiritual claptrap because our random, narrative-free universe terrifies you. But that’s no solution. If you want comforting, suck your thumb. Buy a pillow. Don’t make up a load of floaty blah about energy or destiny. This is the real world, stupid. We should be solving problems, not sticking our fingers in our ears and singing about fairies.” — Charlie Brooker on religion

“Email rules all, my friends; if God wanted to get in touch with someone, and if there were a God, he’d use email” — Mil Millington on not using Facebook messaging

“Bacon is the king of pig meats and pig meat is the food of the gods. Anyone who disagrees is simply wrong. Pork pies. Pig meat and pie. Perfection.” — Dan Arthur

“I firmly believe that, if your job title ends in ‘agent’ but doesn’t start with ‘secret’, you’re a cunt” — Duncan Rowe

“Listening to Cradle of Filth, reading about child murderers in medieval times and drinking black coffee at the moment. Ideally I’d be doing it by candlelight with a raven perched on my shoulder, as that would be the right aesthetic” — Beth Anderson

“That’s just my smile. It’s a curse that it happens to be a bit wicked” — Elle Bullimore

“Stop smoking, stop drinking, eat healthy, do your taxes, lose weight, start saving, go on holiday. Fucking advertising. Fuck that. I’m gonna sit here, on my (beautiful) ass, eating crap, smoking and getting pissed. Fuck you tv. I will not do as you tell me. Ooooo John Lewis sale…” — Craig Mackenzie

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  1. I love the Stop smoking quote, but me favourite is from Duncan and how acurrately he labelled agents. Knowing one or two in my time I can confirm his statement 🙂

  2. Oh I know how you feel! Almost none of my friends use this section but I love quotes. I shall be adding the Elle Bullimore
    and the Joan Rivers ones to my collection! One of my favourite ever quotes is “And I'm utterly blissful in the most lovely sleep-deprived way.” Hannah Murray (Skins actress) on the last day of filming. I think it sums up my life right now and it sums up how lucky I am even if I feel a bit tired and grumpy.

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