At the end of the rainbow

After the storm
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I’m fealing rather under the weather today but was reminded, by this photo I took last year in Sweden, that at the end of a storm there is often a rainbow. The next few months are going to have to be frugal, while I soothe my bank account and leave it feeling revived. No more clothes (unless I exchange some stuff at Bang Bang and so can aquire more at no cost), and no unnecessary lunches at Pret, Costa or Caffe Nero. I don’t smoke or gamble and rarely drink much, so can’t cut all that stuff out, and I have an annual travel card so can’t save money by walking or getting the bus instead of the tube. Staying inside at lunch time really will help though, as the internet has more than enough free stuff to keep me out of mischief. Like, for example, Retro Chick’s recent blog post on the meaning of vintage. Great stuff.

Speaking of style blogs, thank you all so much for voting for me in the British Style Bloggers poll. In the end, I came second to the fantastic Sarah’s Scribbles, but was a little surprised that they announced this yesterday when I thought the poll was open until the end of the month. OK, so one day might not have made much difference, but I would have mithered you all a bit more for some last minute votes yesterday, had I known. Still, I may have news soon about something even better. Stay tuned!

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