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I’m not an especially fashionable person, but I like to think that I do my best to be stylish. Stylish people do, of course, spend an awful lot of time thinking about their wardrobe and so today I pondered a few of my favourite things. My most loved items of clothing often fall into one of the following categories:

1) So attractive, practical and comfy that I wish I’d bought more, in different colours.
2) Not in fashion any more, but I just can’t bring myself to get rid of it.
3) Sadly long gone, but I remember it well and often wish I still had it.

Today I am wearing two garments that fit into that list. My skirt is a 1. It’s the tulip skirt I bought from John Lewis during my style consultation last year and it’s an all-round winner as it’s even machine washable! Why I didn’t look round at the time to see if they sold them in other colours is anyone’s guess. My jacket, however, is a 2. I bought it from Next in the early 1990s when denim was rather fashionable and couldn’t bring myself to send it to a charity shop in recent years, even though it had sat unworn on the coat rack for a while. I now feel officially old as I have now kept a garment so long that it has come back into fashion. Not quite the right cut, but it looks pretty good anyway. The problem is… when space is limited, how do you decide what to keep?

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  1. It's even worse if your weight and figure have changed over the years. Which pieces should you keep, hoping you'll fit into them again and which should you just give up on.

    I finally let all my vintage dresses go last year after realising I'd never fit my new curves in those slim dresses.

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