Addicted to The Make Lounge

When I first discovered The Make Lounge, I was like a kid in a toy shop. There were so many things I wanted to do there that I didn’t know where to start. I was most intrigued by Creative Alterations though, so booked myself in and headed to the venue with a bag of old clothes that just needed that extra something.

It was interesting to see what everyone else had brought along – from a bag of things that only needed a little bit of work, to one dress that was handed down from a grandmother and was just too big – and the fantasticly stylish Nin Castle gave us plenty of ideas and expert advice so we were soon on our way with project number one. I shortened and shaped a boxy long 90s smart skirt and started to add cap sleeves to a strappy top that was hardly worn, but the best thing about those evenings was setting aside time to make things and doing it in a fun friendly atmosphere. It certainly means you can’t stop at one class! Especially if, like me, you just can’t seem to find the motivation when you’re home alone.

Next I did the beginner’s overlocking workshop, which was run by the same tutor and really made me want to own an overlocker, despite the fact I actually do very little sewing these days. The machines are far less daunting than they appear to be at first, and look like they’d be extremely useful for finishing seams and speeding up alterations. Not sure if I can justify buying one but, if I manage to do more sewing this year, perhaps it would be sensible to add one to my Christmas list. The Make lounge now has its own shop which sells overlockers, in amongst all the other pretty things.

I’ll be back there in less than two weeks for their Knockout Knickers workshop so no doubt I’ll end up going home with some pretty fabric and a load of ribbon from the shop as well as the briefs I make in the class. If I make some suitably burlesque ones, perhaps my alter ego will model them some time.

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  1. I've been dreaming of an overlocker for years! I don't do enough sewing to justify the costs now, but I still covet them when in John Lewis.

    I think my best hope at this rate is my grandmother's but I don't think she'll be giving it up any time soon.

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