On sewing and why Google is your friend

At lunch time, I checked out Perri Lewis’ article on how to make a perfect dress on the Guardian’s website and found some useful links for when I ever get round to dusting off my sewing machine. I then rummaged around in the Making Time section to see if there were any other articles I’d missed, where I came across Perri showing us how to make fabric bows and roses.

I was utterly stunned to discover two people in the comments who not only don’t know what a running stitch is (it’s basic and in the photos!), but they also clearly have no idea how to even look it up in Google. Seriously, WTF is wrong with people? Am I the only one who would look something up before commenting? I know that it’s often said there are no stupid questions, but when the answer’s right in front of your face, I’d have to disagree.

UPDATE: One of my favourite websites in these situations is the rather excellent Let Me Google That For You. The problem is, that the people who you’d send the link to probably still wouldn’t understand what you’re trying to tell them!

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