Blogmeet or tweetup?

A number of years ago, when this blog was in its previous incarnation and had lots of readers (perhaps due to the lack of more exciting things on the internet), there was a gang of excellent bloggers who I followed on a daily basis. We frequently commented on each other’s blogs and felt we knew each other well, due to the little insights we had into each others’ lives. One day, a Manchester blogmeet was suggested, so a handful of us headed off to Fab Cafe and proceeded to drink and swear our way through the evening. There is photographic evidence of this somewhere which I may put back online at some point, should you care. After a handful of these north-western meetups we were invited to a Blogger’s Braai in that there London, where I met even more of the glittering stars of the internet. Well, they were all A-list in my eyes anyway, and really lovely people too it turned out.

Last night, in a mini recreation of those days, Topper and I met Lyle, Sevitz and Pixeldiva (with TFH) for drinks at Fire Station in Waterloo. Unlike the old days, this little reunion was co-ordinated via Twitter. Perhaps we should have found London’s equivalent of Fab, but Sevitz marked the occasion in a suitably geeky manner (sadly, before Pix arrived) by videoing us on his iPhone and uploading it to vzaar. It’s just as well he wasn’t filming later on as it got a bit loud in there and, well, let’s just say I’d had a few G&Ts by the end of the evening. Still, much to Gordon‘s horror, we were all home/back at the hotel by midnight. A very good night indeed. We really must do it more often.

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  1. Got to say – and I know it's picky – but we actually organised it all via email, not Twitter.

    But yeah, it was a really good night, great to see you all again, and definitely needs to be done more regularly. 🙂

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