Here’s to friends!

I was chatting with a friend last week who was complimenting me on my burlesque performance work. I was preparing a less structured piece for an event he was running at the weekend and he was very excited about it, telling me that he’d loved my last two burlesque acts and that I should try doing some solo stuff, away from The Rebel Rebels, because I’m definitely good enough. I pondered this for a while and then realised something. The thought of trekking across London to do a 5 minute piece for people I don’t know really doesn’t excite me, but the thought of putting together a performance as part of a show or event I’m working on with friends is thrilling. I like the collaboration, rather than just showing up. Most of all, I love working with my friends.

I enjoy planning burlesque shows with the other Rebels. I enjoy photographing some of my friends’ performance art pieces. I love discussing creative projects over tea and cake. I like offering advice to my friends when they’re in need. I enjoy the cocktails and amusingly-named quiz teams. I like hanging around outside the changing rooms to offer an opinion, catching up on overnight tweets from the other side of the world, being there for moral support during piercings, and arranging crazy and/or inspiring photoshoots. The good times and the bad times are worth it because they’re my friends and they’re wonderful. When I’m feeling down, they pick my right back up again. I hope I always do the same for you.

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