Live long and prosper

At the end of the month, I’m off to a sci-fi themed party and so have used this as an excuse to purchase a made-to-measure original series Star Trek uniform in engineering red. My idea was to go all Vulcan but there is one flaw in this plan. Not the ears, or the eyebrows, or the emotions – I have solutions to all those problems. (Although, admittedly, the lack of emotion will be a tricky one for me to pull off!) No, the one thing I can’t manage is the vulcan salute. Practice makes perfect, right?

Speaking of having a long and prosperous life, it looks like the Liberal Democrats might not have one if they do decide to side with Team Conservative in this new hung parliament of ours. The Guardian mentions that:

“According to Tim Horton, research director of the Fabian Society, in polling by YouGov, 43% of Lib Dem voters describe themselves as left or centre-left, with 29% seeing themselves as centrist and 9% as centre-right or right. Horton goes on to argue that 15 of the 57 Lib Dem seats would fall to Labour at the next election if just one in five of their voters switched to that party.”

Image via svenwerk‘s Flickr photostream.

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