Your vote counts

Via The Guardian’s general election 2010 live blog, here’s an extract from Nick Clegg’s speech in Eastbourne this morning:

“Just imagine how you might feel if you wake up on Friday morning and discover instead that the Labour party and Gordon Brown are back in power having let you down. Just imagine how you are going to feel if you wake up on Friday morning and find the Conservatives and David Cameron in Number 10 just because they think they are entitled to have a turn. Making promises you know you can’t trust, making promises you know they will break. Because you know that if that happens, if David Cameron or Gordon Brown get into Number 10, nothing – nothing – will really change at all.”

I already know where my vote is going tomorrow. Do you?

UPDATE: Well, that was a wasted vote! Looks like I didn’t even need to vote Tory for them to get in. “Making promises you know they will break”… looks like Clegg was talking about his own party!

Photograph of Miss Lolly Pops by Laura Jung.

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