Iron Man 2

Yesterday I watched Iron Man 2. Nothing amazing about this fact, you might think, but it says a lot about this film because we are rarely so excited about a movie that we’ll brave the opening weekend crowds and idiocy to see it. Having enjoyed the first one tremendously, and having seen exciting trailers for the follow up on both small and large screens, this really was something to get excited about… and it didn’t disappoint! With Robert Downey Jr returning as the lovable rogue Tony Stark, Iron Man cheerleaders, and Mickey Rourke trashing the Monaco Grand Prix with the use of some pretty vicious whips, this film was just as exciting as I’d hoped it would be. The action was good, the plot was reasonably fast throughout, and the whole thing was just as believable as a comic book movie should be (i.e. not very) so I left the cinema with a huge grin and a desire for an Iron Man suit that folds down into a suitcase.

However, one small thing is still bothering me today. Why put a couple of strong characters like Pepper Potts and Natalie Rushman into such submissive outfits for most of the movie? Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlett Johansson were squeezed into dresses that appeared to force their hips back and allowed for little more than geisha steps, whilst also being required to totter around in vertiginous Louboutin heels that they clearly didn’t have the balance for. I can see why someone thought the outfits would be sexy and powerful but, if you can’t move in a sexy and powerful way whilst wearing them, the effect is totally lost. When Johansson changed into her catsuit, I could not have been more pleased. And this is from someone who loves form-fitting dresses and classic high heels.

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  1. I think I read in one silly managerial guidebook that “power” comes from within, ie by staying still, keeping silent, and taking stock of the situation, and *then* taking decisive action.

    ie don't move unless you have to, and then move with purpose.

    Of course, this explains a lot about our screwed-up society 😉

  2. I have no problem with the outfits (loved the dresses, in fact) but was just puzzled why the actresses couldn't move in them. They should have at least taken the time to practice walking in those heels.

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