Married with children?

I have just seen the new John Lewis advert and was very impressed. It’s beautifully shot, extremely moving, and a wonderful way to showcase the sorts of items that you can buy from John Lewis whilst not being in the least bit irritating. It makes the brand more memorable, conveys their commitment to quality and, a rare thing for adverts these days, makes you want to watch it again. All in all, a truly successful campaign.

However, one little thing about it really bugs me. The typical John Lewis customer is probably university educated, so including that in the woman’s life is fair enough but… marriage, then house, then kids? Even if their typical/ideal customer is indeed married with kids, who on earth does it in that order these days? I think everyone I know has at least tried to buy a place before getting hitched.

And I guess it’s too much to ask for a version where they don’t get married at all? Or one where she has a girlfriend?

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