The terror of the blank page

Two Who episodes have passed since I last updated here because I have, once again, been overcome by a strange thing I call blog fear. I often feel the need to write, but the blank page (or white box in my browser) sometimes taunts me with reminders that what I write must be worth reading… so I put my little idea to one side and leave it for when I have the time to sit down and compose something good. Something worthwhile. Something worth reading.

Sadly, now that I have found a little bit of time and decided to squeeze out my first April blog post, the once great idea I came up with last week has escaped me. I think it was something about clothes and the way some people have absolutely no clue how to describe them. It was most definitely something that annoyed me, anyway. In the meantime, I shall remind you all that meeting people “off of the internet” is something that everyone should try as it will most definitely enrich your life. Without Twitter, I would not have met @starinmelbourne or @Fauxred, Simon would probably never have coined the phrase boozehat, and a wonderful party may never have happened. There was booze, hats, an epic cheeseboard, and a whole lot of rock (courtesy of @roseofwinter, Spotify and Guitar Hero). We were also Rickrolled and I may have danced to that. Don’t tell anyone.

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  1. Hear hear! That's an awesome post! 😀
    Agree about meeting people off the internet… would not have met you wonderful people who let me join Boozehat by skype! Who DOES that? Amazing people, that's who!

    PS -(It was I who suggested the combination of booze with hat, but there is no way it would have taken off without the name Boozehat. That's sheer brilliance. I think Simon should copyright it, and organise mass Boozehat parties in secret locations all over the country! Let the Boozehat revolution begin!)

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