The wonders of Formspring

When I first saw Formspring, I thought it sounded like a great idea. However, asking people questions with the opportunity to be anonymous can be hit and miss. On the receiving end (so to speak), either you get some wonderful questions or some really sleazy ones. On the other end, you’re either inspired or at a complete loss for something interesting to ask, whether or not you’re sticking with the anonymity. For some people, however, it works brilliantly.

If you’re going to read anyone’s answers on Formspring, may I please recommend Alistair Coleman of the (in)famous Scaryduck blog. Through him I have learnt that Old Speckled Hen sometimes tastes like cock because “One pint in 10,000 is male”, and ‘Black Tie’ is “the name of the Victorian parlour game that is played by the gentlemen once the ladies have been dismissed to the drawing room. Bring condoms and lube”. Even if someone did ask me such silly questions, I’m not sure the answers would be quite as entertaining.

UPDATE: I have now deleted my Formspring account as I hadn’t used it in years.

Image via Rachel Simmons.

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