Job satisfaction and… new horizons?

The two-year itch has hit again and I’m once again browsing job adverts in the hope of finding something more stimulating. However, the desire for some kind of overall direction or purpose in my work life is still hanging over me and so I’m finally doing something about it. I’ve signed up for The School of Life‘s evening class on How To Find A Job You Love, and yesterday I went on a training day at work entitled Career Planning for Support Staff.

From yesterday’s session I’ve already realised that the desire to be ‘expert’ in something and assist other people using that knowledge is probably going to be a key part of my ideal job. I like problem solving, training people and translating complicated/technical concepts and processes into explanations or instructions for a layperson. So far, my favourite organisations to work in have been educational establishments, but I’m open to suggestions. Any ideas on where to start looking?

UPDATE: I now have a shiny new job at London College of Fashion! It’s in timetabling, so plenty of problem solving there.

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  1. I guess you could work in a training department anywhere if that's what you want to do.

    I always enjoyed that too. I used to work in IT and I enjoyed writing and delivering training sessions.

    Good luck with the search!

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