My morning as a fashion designer

Emails are still flying back and forth about my sister’s wedding, despite the date being as yet unconfirmed, and there are now going to be three bridesmaids. Because she is kind enough to not force us all into the same style of dress, Fi asked us to email her photos of dresses that we liked so she can get an idea on the sort of styles she needs to look for.

As I haven’t been doing much browsing for clothes in the last month or so (especially not formal dresses), I was stuck for inpspiration. Thankfully Laëtitia recommended a wonderful site called StyleShake where you can design your own clothes so, after a little bit of playing around, I came up with my own selection of designs to send to my sister. Even if she doesn’t order from there or use my dresses, I could be tempted to get one of them made up for parties anyway.

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