Brussels: my review

It was lovely to spend a weekend away with the fantastic Mr Topper, but Brussels wasn’t the best place we’ve ever been. Not even the second best place we’ve ever been… together… in Europe. My recommendations would therefore be:

  1. If you’re in London, save money on travel and accommodation and simply stock up on chocolate from Rococo before heading to Lowlander for several tasty beers.
  2. If you’re in London and fancy travelling on a train for two hours to get to a cold damp place where they serve good beer, try Manchester. The people are nicer and you don’t need your passport.
  3. If you simply have to go to Brussels, make sure you drink in Poechenellekelder (near mannekin pis) for friendliness with an outstanding selection of beers, and eat in Brasserie Roue d’Or (near Grand Place) for amazing food plus outrageous portion sizes!

UPDATE: My photos from the weekend are now up on Flickr.

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