Brief thoughts on body confidence

Last year, when I was tweeting about being snapped by Rankin, I got a message from Claire Nelson asking me how the shoot went and what to expect from hers the following day. I’d never met this woman before that but, after Rankin Live brought us together, we became firm online friends. Turns out we have lots more in common that simply having been ‘Ranked’, as Claire is also a keen writer. She had a guest post featured on the British Style Bloggers site yesterday, about body image which is a subject that’s been bothering me since 2003 when I wrote about it for The F-Word.

Thankfully I’m more or less over that now thanks, in part, to the London fetish and burlesque scenes which have reassured me that the only requirement to being gorgeous is confidence. Watching less television and reading fewer magazines have helped enormously too, but seeing women of all shapes and sizes look amazing in corsets/rubber/PVC/feathers/whatever really has had an amazing effect. See that cellulite? Does it stop me being gorgeous? Not bloody likely!

In other news, the entertaining Lady McScamp pointed me in the direction of an article regarding another feminist perspective of burlesque. Since I wrote my glittertits article for BitchBuzz, I’ve been feeling a lot more comfortable about burlesque. However, I am planning something rather different for my next performance. Something a bit less burly and a bit more ‘que?’

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