Happy Birthday Photoshop

Believe it or not, Photoshop is almost 20 years old. There’s a very interesting article on The Guardian’s website on how we learned to love Photoshop, charting its journey from software that fitted on to a single floppy disk to a verb that is often used to insinuate that all commercial photography now lies to us. Especially in magazines and advertising.

However, to celebrate such a wonderful anniversary, I thought it was only fitting to point you in the direction of what is quite possibly the best use of Photoshop (and whatever other photo manipulation or drawing tool you can get your hands on) ever invented… the B3ta challenges. If the unlikely company mergers challenge doesn’t make you at the very least giggle to yourself in a childish fashion, then you are clearly not my sort of person and I bid you farewell.

Image via Mr Sanity on b3ta. Created for the b3ta challenge Kitten Sports.

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