What Katie Wore

As 9.30am approached, I was squashed into lift number one at Goodge Street tube station, listening to a guy behind me mock his colleague for saying that fitting us all in there was “just like Tetris”. This made me smile. Then I left the station and discovered that the sun had started to peep out from behind the sky’s grey covering of cloud. This also made me smile. However, both of these things paled into insignificance compared to what happened next.

I started to walk down Chenies Street and found myself staring at a pair of Irregular Choice silver and blue ankle boots, out of which emerged a pair of pink neon clad legs. This had to be the best leg/footwear combination I have ever seen! The rest of the outfit was amazing too, but that boots/hosiery combo was simply astonishing.

Fast-forward to this afternoon and I find myself reading a tweet which led me to a blog… which is the blog of the woman from this morning! How spooky is that? London and the internet are both much smaller than they seem.

Image via the What Katie Wore blog.

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