Mademoiselle Style: Redux

Amazingly, it’s been seven months since I had my consultation with Mademoiselle Style so I thought I’d provide a bit of an update on how things are going. You know, a bit like the part on those television shows where the expert re-visits the person they helped to see whether or not they’ve reverted to their old ways. Did I take all Laëtitia’s advice on board and then promptly forget it once I next went shopping for clothes?

I thought the best thing to do was form some outfits around the items I’ve purchased since the consultation and then take some photos so you can judge for yourselves. If you click on the image below*, you can view a larger version and see the outfits in all their glory. Well, what do you think? Have I been paying attention and kept up the good work?

Click image to view larger

1. Dress from Heaven & Earth (sale bargain), shoes from Office
2. Dress from New Look (bought for a burlesque performance, for a mere £12, but I think I might wear it during the day too)
3. Skirt from Ted Baker, jumper from Monsoon (both bought with birthday money. The skirt is the same one I tried on when I went shopping with Laëtitia and I found it in the sale!)
4. Jumper from New Look, Whistles skirt from Bang Bang (£20!), vintage shoes
5. Vivienne Westwood trousers from Bang Bang, cardie from French Connection (an Xmas pressie from my sister)
6. Luella blouse from Bang Bang, skirt from John Lewis (unsure about those petrol blue tights though!)

In related news… I bought Mr Topper some shopping time with Laëtitia as a Christmas present and I am happy to report that she is just as successful when shopping for men’s clothes. So that’s two very enthusiastic thumbs-up from this household for Mademoiselle Style.

*Apologies for the truly awful graphic design… I’ve never really got the hang of Photoshop!

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  1. You look fantastic!

    And I think the petrol blue tights are a win. With the skirt and blouse (LOVE the blouse) and headband, you add a bit of edgey colour to a more classic outfit.

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