The contents of my handbag

It strikes me that my little Osprey Bug is like an urban survival kit. For a standard day in London I may at some point require the following:

  • Purse (containing mostly receipts)
  • Oyster card in nifty tube map wallet
  • T-Mobile G1 plus USB cable, for emergency at-work charging
  • Keys (complete with Bettina Liano keyring from Star)
  • Work ID pass (complete with dodgy photo)
  • iPod nano (containing a lot of Muse and Depeche Mode)
  • Plain Moleskine cahier notebook and Trutap pen
  • Collins London pocket atlas (it pre-dates the smartphone, OK?)
  • Tiny umbrella, for rain emergencies
  • Mini hairspray and comb, for fringe emergencies
  • One recycled John Lewis foldaway bag
  • Glass nail file, kirby grips, and Palmers cocoa butter lip balm
  • Boots 17 pressed powder compact (including mirror)
  • Tissues, Olbas inhaler, Airwaves chewing gum
  • Rimmel concealer and Urban Decay Lip Envy for unplanned nights out
  • Eyelure body tape, for wardrobe malfunctions
  • Pro Plus, for lack-of-caffiene emergencies
  • Plasters and tampons for, er, other emergencies

There’s also room for gloves or sunglasses, depending on the season. I suspect most people travel lighter than me. Is there anything you can’t do without?

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