Vintage overload

My interest in vintage fashion and styling now has a raison d’Ítre. My wonderful sister Fiona got engaged to her lovely boyfriend Pete on Christmas day, and much email discussion is now going on between my younger sibling and our mother with regard to wedding dresses. It turns out that all the gorgeous vintage and vintage-inspired dresses that I found in web searches are exactly the same as those Fi has found (I always knew she had good taste!) so, when she said she’d love a vintage-style wedding but didn’t know where to start, I knew exactly where to head. 40s, you say? Looks like I’d better point her in the direction of Fleur de Guerre’s blog then.

I hopped on over to Diary of a Vintage Girl to look for a post on her wonderful Tart events, as I think we need to attend one as a mini planning session, and I was stopped in my tracks by Fleur’s latest post. Yes ladies, she is giving away Kiss Me Deadly underwear! Get your entries in now.

Image via Diary of a Vintage Girl.

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